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Cancer cells

STUDY: Puerto Ricans More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer Than Other U.S.-Based Latinxs

A new study found huge disparities in mortality rates among various groups of Latinx cis women living in the U.S.

Loisaida festival preparations artwork, brown sculpture, two men, black shirt, red shirt, Puerto Rican flag

Puerto Rican Music Legends and a Comic Book Pioneer Take Center Stage at NYC's Loisaida Festival

This weekend’s festival celebrates the Lower East Side’s Puerto Rican community with concerts, an exhibit of Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’s work and more. 

'La Borinqueña' Comic Creator: 'When You See Yourself, That's Empowering'

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’s superhero, who is a Puerto Rican woman, will debut with an appearance at Manhattan’s Puerto Rican Day Parade this summer and a new comic this fall.

Man Charged with Killing Hmong Couple and Puerto Rican Man Ruled Unfit for Trial

Following the ruling, the victims’ families and a coalition of Milwaukee-based advocacy organizations reiterated their call for hate crime charges.

Multi-Racial Coalition Advocates for Hate Crime Charges in Triple Homicide

Dan Popp faces homicide charges in the March 6 deaths of Jesus Manso-Perez, Phia Vue and Mai Vue.