public housing

Why Public Housing is Falling Apart in NYC

New report chronicles a decade of defunding at every level of government

Feds Probe Los Angeles Sheriff Racial Profiling in White Suburbs

Antelope Valley deputies are accused of profiling and harassing public housing residents in an effort to chase away a growing black and Latino population.

A Closer Look at What Got Chopped in This Year's Budget

Among the worst examples of things that will do nothing to cut the deficit: a fund for the upkeep public housing.

Housing Crisis Lingers in Post-Katrina New Orleans

While New Orleans hobbles toward recovery after Hurricane Katrina’s punishing blows, a deep affordable housing crisis continues to hold back impoverished mothers:

GRITtv on Atlanta's Public Housing Crisis

Tens of thousands showed up for 62 openings on the housing waiting list.

It's Not Just Bullets Scarring Chicago Public Housing Residents

Urban Institute study shows years of trauma may leave families with wounds that don’t heal.

Pushed Out and Pushing Back in New Orleans

Housing crisis? Corporate giveaways? It’s already happened in the Big Easy. There, out of demolitions and displacement, has come a new demand: housing as human right.