for-profit schools

Federal Regulators Sue Corinthian Colleges for Predatory Student Loans

Alleged predatory practices from a former for-profit college giant.

For-Profit Schools Scoop Up Vets' G.I. Bill Benefits

More scathing revelations about the industry.

Department of Education Goes After University of Phoenix

It means increased federal scrutiny for the for-profit giant.

What Happens to Students When a For-Profit College Giant Closes?

What’s next for the embattled industry?

Obama Administration Tries Again With Regulations Targeted at For-Profit Colleges

For-profit schools, which target poor students and students of color, are responsible for 46 percent of the nation’s student debt defaults.

Preying on Black Ambition

From subprime mortgages to subprime credit cards and now subprime degrees, a small number of people continue to get rich off of black Americans’ aspirations.

For-Profit Colleges' Mostly Black and Latino Students Face Higher Debt and Unemployment

Private for-profit institutions have been the fastest growing part of the U.S. higher education sector for decades now, but a new Harvard study finds students attending for-profit colleges end up with much higher student-loan debts, are less likely to be employed after graduation and generally earn less than similar students at public or private nonprofit schools.

Arne Duncan: For-Profit Schools Need to be 35 Percent Effective

Meanwhile, student advocates are disappointed that the new rules aren’t stronger.

DOJ Asks Judge to Throw Out For-Profit Schools' Lawsuit

Student and consumer advocates argue that the rules are necessary to curb the schools’ faulty promises.

House Republicans Move to Protect For-Profit Schools' Earnings

Rep. Virginia Foxx leads the GOP effort to block federal regulation of schools that prey on low income students of color.

For-Profit Schools Discuss How to Regulate Themselves

It’s their latest effort to weaken a proposed federal crackdown.

For-Profit Schools File Lawsuit to Stave Off Regulations

School officials try to hang on to their shady practices.

For-Profit Schools Bank $521M Off Veterans' G.I. Bill Benefits

Schools target young vets to get around rules barring how much they can make off of financial aid.

For-Profit Schools See "Subprime-Opportunity"

School swindlers could be headed for a repeat of the mortgage crisis.

For-Profit School Regulation Arrives

But the most controversial rule is still far from being finalized.

Black and Latino Lawmakers Hold Up Student Loan Fixes!

Sketchy for-profit schools have found allies in Washington.

Senate Talks For-Profit College Industry Regulation

Higher education’s shadiest swindlers get congressional lashing.

Federal Probe Catches For-Profit Schools Preying on Poor Students

Recruiters asked GAO investigators posing as students to falsify financial aid documents.