for-profit colleges and universities

Federal Regulators Sue Corinthian Colleges for Predatory Student Loans

Alleged predatory practices from a former for-profit college giant.

For-Profit Schools Scoop Up Vets' G.I. Bill Benefits

More scathing revelations about the industry.

Department of Education Goes After University of Phoenix

It means increased federal scrutiny for the for-profit giant.

What Happens to Students When a For-Profit College Giant Closes?

What’s next for the embattled industry?

Obama Administration Tries Again With Regulations Targeted at For-Profit Colleges

For-profit schools, which target poor students and students of color, are responsible for 46 percent of the nation’s student debt defaults.

Average Student Debt is $29,400 and Climbing

And it’s risen by an average of six percent every year for the last five years.

What's Holding Up For-Profit Schools Regulation?

Schools aren’t happy with newly enforced industry rules. So they’re re-writing them.