Report: Majority of Prison Inmates Have Mental Illness

An Urban Institute report highlights the gaps in knowledge about how this population fares.

Inmates and Families Charged to Send, Spend Their Own Money

Making money off of inmates is big business.

California Passes Bill Banning Forced Sterilizations of Inmates

Gov. Jerry Brown has until August 31 to sign or veto it, or it goes into effect on its own.

Angela Davis Talks 'Orange is the New Black,' Prison Abolition

Yes, she’s watched the show.

Report: At Least 14 Heat-Related Deaths in Texas Prisons Since 2007

Temperatures hit a heat index of 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

30K Calif. Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Hundreds of inmates have been held in solitary confinement for decades.

Bad News in Mississippi: Rats-to-Prison Pipeline Opens

So many rats in a Mississippi prison for the mentally ill that the inmates have started making pets out of them.

Calif. Prison Hunger Strike Ends at Pelican Bay, Continues Elsewhere

Prisoner advocates say a three-week hunger strike protesting long-term solitary confinement has ended at the “supermax” Pelican Bay. But reports say it’s ongoing in at least two other state prisons.

Prisoner Health Deteriorates as California Clamps Down on Strike

One participating striker at Pelican Bay reportedly had to be taken to an Oregon hospital after suffering a heart attack

Arizona Now Charges Families $25 to Visit Loved Ones in State Prisons

Prisoner advocates consider this the latest frontier for in the billion-dollar private prison industry.

From Attica to Pelican Bay: A Brief History of Prison Rebellions

With news that California’s prison hunger strike may have ended, we take a look back at seminal prison rebellions that have called for similar changes.

Five Prison Reform Ideas Being Ignored on Capitol Hill

There’s no shortage of ideas for fixing the damage done by decades of drug war.

Evaluating the Drug War on Its 40th Birthday, by the Numbers

Forty years and $1 trillion in, the war on drugs hasn’t worked–unless locking up a massive number of black and brown people was the plan all along.

Supreme Court Demands California Release 30,000 Inmates

Just how bad is the state’s prison overcrowding? More than 40 inmates had to share one toilet. And that’s just the beginning.

Mumia Abu-Jamal Gets New Sentencing Hearing

A U.S. Appeals court has ruled that the prolific writer and activist must be granted a new sentencing hearing within six months.

NAACP and Newt Gingrich Agree: Too Much Money for Prisons

A bevy of conservative politicos line up alongside the NAACP to talk about criminal justice reform.

California's Adult State Prisons, in Pictures

When it comes to California’s prisons, Josh Begley makes a big statement with simple visuals.

Georgia Prison Guards Arrested for Retaliatory Abuse of Inmate

The fallout continues from last December’s massive prison strike.

NPR Investigation: Private Prison Companies Helped Write SB 1070

Industry saw model bill to create “enhanced opportunities” for driving profits.

Before SB 1070, Arizona Sold Prisons to Highest Bidders

Before SB 1070, lawmakers had all but turned the state’s prisons over to private companies. Now they’re getting cheated.