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Brown woman holds pregnant belly, rest of frame is black

Minnesota Law Provides Birth Doulas for Incarcerated Women

It’s the first state to provide imprisoned women with this emotional and physical support.

The Sewage-Filled Jail on 'Orange is the New Black' is Real

And a new campaign is out to bring attention to conditions in women’s prisons.

Deputy Testimony Confirms Culture of Abuse in L.A. County Jails

Unprovoked beatings, filmed “gladiator-style” fights between inmates, “flashlight therapy” were all a routine part of life inside the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail.

Prison Rape: Getting From Punchline to Serious Crime

A status check on the under-reported effort to protect prisoners from sexual violence

Holder, Unbothered by Impeachment Calls, Announces Millions for Helping Ex-Drug Offenders

Holder brushes off calls for his impeachment to explain how he’s been helping reduce recidivism.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Slams Mandatory Minimums

After serving federal time, former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik has a revelation about mandatory minimums and the prison system

Activists Still Push to Close California's Youth Prisons

Gov. Jerry Brown has a revised plan to reform the state’s youth prisons. But will it go anywhere?

ACLU Confronts Denver Prison's Abusive Strip Searches

Allegations of abusive strip searches at a prison reflect the perverse power imbalance inherent in the system.

New York Moves to Keep Incarcerated Parents Connected to Kids

The prison system and the child welfare system both have the power to split families apart, and too often, they are tragically linked when the state imposes its judgment that a parent is no longer worthy of her child. For the majority of men and women in New York’s prisons, their fate as parents hinges on a legal timetable that pushes their children toward adoption.