Bloomberg: Don't Worry About Prisoners at Rikers Island

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tellingly misinterpreted a reporter’s question during a pre-Sandy press conference Sunday.

In Virginia, 350K Would-Be Voters Wait for Democracy's Slow Return

Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell is restoring the voting rights of more formerly incarcerated residents than any previous administration. And it’s still a drop in the bucket.

Advocates Want Halt to Expansion Of Private Prisons For Non-Citizens

The government has a plan to expand private prisons for immigrants, despite those facilities’ deadly track record.

DOJ Finds Violation of Constitutional Rights in Kansas Correctional Facility

The investigation was conducted by the Civil Rights Division’s Special Litigation Section and focused on whether prisoners at the facility were subject to sexual abuse in violation of their constitutional rights.

Private Prison Company's New Profit Source: Mental Health

The State of Texas is poised to outsource management of a public psychiatric hospital to a company that’s made its billions in the business of private criminal and civil immigration lockup.

60 Percent of Louisiana Prison Doctors Disciplined by State Med Board

Louisiana’s is the world’s prison capital – and also a dumping ground for shady doctors.

Despite Decrease in Violent Crime, Incarceration Rates Have Soared [Infographic]

Despite a 41% decrease in violent crime since 1990 incarceration rates have soared.

What Started a Mississippi Prison Riot? Depends on Who You Ask

A for-profit, Corrections Corporation of America facility holding non-citizen inmates is on lockdown after a weekend riot. Officials insist it was a gang feud. But reports from inside suggest a pattern of abuse and neglect that has recurred at privately run prisons.

New Federal Rules Aim to Curb Sexual Assault in Prison

One in ten inmates report being sexually assaulted or raped in prison, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The Criminal Cost of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars

For years, states have worked with private phone companies to charge high rates on phone calls to and from prisons. Now activists are trying to force the FCC’s hand to do something about it.

An Interactive Look at the Heavy Price of American Freedom

An ambitious new timeline traces the brutal relationship between freedom and confinement in the United States.