Several incarcerated firefighters in orange jumpsuits look on as a plane passes over a burned down field.

California Uses Prison Labor to Battle Dangerous Wildfires

Some 2,000 incarcerated firefighters from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation are earning just $2 a day to contain the largest wildfire ever recorded in the state’s history.

Cannabis arrests

REPORT: Racial Disparities Persist Despite Marijuana Legalization Measures

Despite widespread succes of state-level legalization laws, Black and Latinx people remain disproportionate victims of racial profiling and over policing.

This Mother’s Day, Let's Honor Our Mamas With Actions That Reflect the Radical Roots of the Holiday

Keeping in mind the spirit of its origins, we offer you a range of ways to do good on Mother’s Day.

A woman's hand dials on a blue wall-mounted public phone

ICE Agrees to Overhaul Phone Policy for Immigrant Detainees

As part of a settlement with the ACLU, the agency will provide free, private access to telephones for detainees in Northern California.

Rikers Island prison, fences with barbed wire, brown building, American flag

Man Spends 5 Months in Jail on $2 Bail

Aitabdel Salem says his previous lawyer didn’t tell him about the reduced bail.

WATCH: ‘Prison Kids’ Documentary Explores Juvenile Justice System

The hour-long doc examines how kids end up behind bars and how it forever impacts their lives.

Whole Foods Says It Will Stop Selling Products Produced Via Prison Labor

That tilapia and goat cheese your homegirl likes to buy from Whole Foods? It was produced by an inmate making $0.74 an hour.

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Ban Private Prisons

Sanders: “Study after study after study has shown private prisons are not cheaper, they are not safer, and they do not provide better outcomes for either the prisoners or the state.”

U.S. Sues New York City Over Rikers Island's Treatment of Teen Inmates

Rikers’ youngest inmates were routinely abused and put in solitary confinement.

I Was A 'Tough On Crime' Lawmaker. Here's Why I Changed

Here’s how former Virginia attorney general Mark Earley realized that his generation had gone too far–and the work he’s been doing over the last 15 years to help undo the overly punitive system that they built.

Angela Davis: There Is No 'I' In Movement

A daily reminder from an icon of the Black Power movement

Well, Just How Bad Are Alabama's Prisons?

A five-month investigation goes in depth

Marissa Alexander's Retrial Postponed to December

A pending Florida law could determine Alexander’s future.

Take a Look at 'The Worst of the Worst', Connecticut's Supermax Prison

“When you incarcerate someone, you’re incarcerating all the people that love them, too.”

Beautiful Inmate Art From Pelican Bay State Prison Hunger Striker

An inmate speaks out.

CEO of Largest Private Prison Company: No Worries About Immigration Reform

On a call for investors on Thursday, the president and CEO of the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the country’s largest private prison contractor, said that he’s not concerned about the impact that immigration reform might have on the immigration detention business.

Prison GEO Group Exec Threatened to Deport Daughter-in-Law

Thomas M. Wierdsma, a Senior Vice President for Project Development at GEO is seen confirming he said he would use his position to deport his son’s Hungarian wife.

Spanish-Speaker Spends Months Locked Up After Interpreter Dies

If you’re fluent in English and Spanish and looking for a job, Mississippi needs you.

Family Becomes Focal Point in Fight to Lower Prison Phone Rates

The criminal cost of talking to a loved one behind bars has taken center stage at the Federal Communications Commission. And that’s exactly what organizers had in mind.

Man Sentenced to 3 Years For Leading Mississippi Prison Riot

Juan Lopez-Fuentes became the first inmate to be sentenced for a riot that rattled a Mississippi federal prison in May.