Brown woman holds pregnant belly, rest of frame is black

Minnesota Law Provides Birth Doulas for Incarcerated Women

It’s the first state to provide imprisoned women with this emotional and physical support.

Critics That 'Orange is the New Black' Can't Win Over? The Formerly Incarcerated

One woman who spent four years in state prison reviews Netflix’s big summer hit.

Prisons' Fastest Growing Population: Mentally Ill, Aging Inmates

Today, prisons function as “society’s psychiatric institutions.”

Federal Judge Needs Evidence Louisiana Prison Gets Extra Hot in July

Judge denies preliminary injunction that would protect death row inmates from extreme heat. Says he needs more evidence

The Prison Industrial (Retirement) Complex, by the Numbers

After decades of indiscriminately locking people up and throwing away the key, states are discovering yet another consequence of over-incarceration: rapidly aging prison populations.

Secrecy Surrounds Inmate Suicides in California State Prisons

Three inmates have committed suicide in recent months, but families and advocates are being left out in the dark.

New Report Finds Private Prisons a Threat to Criminal Justice Reform

As state’s struggle to close record budget gaps, private prisons have become an easy way to make millions.

Study: Incarcerating Hordes of Youth is Costly and Ineffective

The Annie E. Casey Foundation says that prison is no place for kids.

Guards Retaliate Against Inmates In Growing Prison Hunger Strike

As the strike spreads to Arizona, Mississippi and Oklahoma, prison officials have begun to crackdown on its leaders.

The Movement to Stop Prisons From Shackling Women in Labor Builds

Four more states passed laws banning the practice this legislative year, but the vast majority of state prisons still maintain the absurd idea that a woman in childbirth is a security risk.

Troy Davis's Legacy: A New, Deeply Personal Movement

Thousands of young, black men and women in the South are declaring “I am Troy Davis” as if their lives depend on it. And they do. The fight against systemic racism in the justice system may have finally exploded out of the courts and into the community.

California's Prison Hunger Strike is Back On

After refusing meals for nearly a month last summer, inmates say their demands still haven’t been met.

Where Were You When Troy Davis was Killed? [Reader Forum]

A roundup of our Troy Davis pieces from last week, and reader reactions to his execution and to the movement’s next steps.

California Puts Into Motion Alternative Custody for Incarcerated Moms

But most of these women won’t be going home any time soon. Here’s why.

Harsh Immigration Policies Push Latino Majority Into Federal Prisons

The aggressive prosecutions are driven by a failed political strategy, immigration experts say.

Dispatch From Angola: Faith-Based Slavery in a Louisiana Prison

Angola is the largest maximum-security prison in the country. At least 90 percent of its inmates will die there. And Evangelical Warden Burl Cain has made sure their lives look as much like “slavery times” as possible.

Does the Road to Prison Reform Wind Through the Right Wing?

Things have moved slowly on Capitol Hill. Now, NAACP says conservative allies may speed things up.

New Research Details Transgender Inmate Prison Stories

Report details the challenges faced by gender non conforming inmates in Pennsylvania’s prisons.

Michelle Alexander: More Black Men in Prison Than Were Enslaved in 1850

Clearly, colorblindness hasn’t gotten us very far.

Drug Arrest of "The Wire" Actor Is a Reminder of Prison Churning

Felicia Pearson is hardly unique as a formerly incarcerated African American who lands back in jail.