Blackboard with "vote" written in white chalk

How You Can Make the Most of the 2018 Midterm Elections

From registering to voting to advocating for the rights of others, these tools have you covered.

Smiling White woman with short blonde hair wears a textured white top; her arms are outspread in front of a crowd

Hillary Clinton is Democratic Party's Presumptive Nominee

Clinton: “Whether you supported me in this primary, or Senator Sanders, we all need to keep working toward that better, fairer, stronger America.”

Are You Voting Today?

It’s Super Tuesday, and that means 12 states and one U.S. territory are holding primaries and caucuses today. Is it time for you to head to the polls?

LISTEN: Spike Lee Tells South Carolina Voters to Pick Bernie Sanders

From “wake up” to “do the right thing,” the director uses lines from his classic movies to urge people to choose Sanders in the state’s upcoming Democratic primary.

Bernie Sanders Wins in New Hampshire, Twitter Goes Off

To hear Twitter tell it, lots of folks #FeelTheBern following the senator’s big win in the New Hampshire primary.

NPR Deems Illinois the 'Perfect State' to Illustrate America's Racial Makeup

The conclusion is one of several made by NPR as part of their ‘Perfect State Index.’