President Obama

White House Hosts Screening of Diego Luna's 'Cesar Chavez'

The film opens in theaters nationwide on March 28.

Obama Says He'd Accept Piecemeal Immigration Reform

The president says he doesn’t care what reform looks like, as long as it gets done.

Obama vs. History

To understand why the president has failed to address economic inequity, listen to his strange, ahistorical diagnosis of the problem.

Tavis Smiley Slams Obama's Trayvon Remarks: 'You Can't Lead From Behind' On Race

Not all of Black America was wowed by the president’s remarks last week.

Obama, Trayvon and the Problem That Won't Be Named

The president’s remarks Friday are notable both for what he said and what he omitted.

Obama: Trayvon 'Could've Been Me 35 Years Ago'

The president explicitly addresses race in connection to the Zimmerman trial verdict.

Obama Meets With Congressional Hispanic Caucus

President Obama met with members Congressional Hispanic Caucus this morning to discuss plans for immigration reform.

Who Are Those 'Gangbangers' Obama's So Proud of Deporting?

What curious language, given the reality of Obama’s deportation record

Jan Brewer Uses Wagging Finger Incident to Raise Money

“Scorpions for Breakfast” isn’t the only thing Gov. Jan Brewer is promoting since last week’s finger-wagging incident with President Obama.

New Yorker Cover Shows Obama Enjoying Super Bowl of Romney vs. Gingrich

On newsstands today is the latest

“New Yorker” magazine with a cover depicting Obama enjoying a Super Bowl of epic proportions with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich battling out.

Gov. Brewer and Her Wagging Finger: Your Best Captions

Your best captions!

Obama Says Brewer Wagging Finger 'No Big Deal'

Brewer sort of apologizes for her wagging finger, President Obama says it was not big deal and now the Arizona governor’s book is a top seller.

Here's the Video of Obama Singing Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' Last Night

President Obama has officially turned on the charm to get re-elected.

Melissa Harris-Perry Deconstructs Stereotypes to Colbert [Video]

MSNBC contributor and political analyst Melissa Harris-Perry was a guest on Monday’s ‘The Colbert Report.’

22 Fashion Designers Launch 'Runway to Win' To Secure Obama Reelection

Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Jason Wu are among the designers creating fashions for Obama.

President Obama: 'Iraq War is Over'

President Obama marks the end of the Iraq War. More than 1.5 million U.S. troops served; 30,000 were wounded and 4,500 died.

Univision News Poll: Obama Holds Advantage with Latino Voters

Latinos still support Obama. But it’s not because they think he’s a great president.

Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama a "Juvenile Delinquent"

The right-wing talk show host is at it again with his race-baiting antics.