Top 5 Quotes From Misty Copeland and President Obama's Time Magazine Interview

The two spoke at length about body image and the pressures of being trailblazers for their race in their respective fields. Here are our five favorite quotes. 

President Condemns Extremism and Islamophobia During #ObamaMosqueVisit

“You are not Muslim or American. You are Muslim and American.”

No, Obama Cannot Disqualify Trump

Lots of folks on Twitter rejoiced yesterday when White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that presidential hopeful Donald Trump should be disqualified from the race due to his anti-Muslim comments. But the #TrumpIsDisqualifiedParty ended when they found out that the White House can’t actually fire the Republican frontrunner.

BuzzFeed Asks: Can You Name the White Guy Running For President?

Video of folks on the street trying to name some of the white guys who are running for president. Spoiler alert: Most of them can’t.

Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders for Prez

The prolific rapper and activist says he supports Senator Sanders’ presidential primary run because he defended the Voting Rights Act.