'Crack Baby' Hysteria Returns

Same myth, different drugs–and still used to criminalize mothers of color.

Brown belly of pregnant person being examined by doctor in blue with stethescope

Home Birth Is Safer, Cheaper and Can End Disparities in Moms Dying

The U.S. ranks behind 40 other countries in terms of maternal mortality, despite spending the most money per capita on health care.

Prison System Chains Women in Childbirth

In many places around the country, it’s still legal to keep incarcerated women shackled while they go through labor.

Pregnant Women Dying in New York

This year, maternal health advocates got the heartening news that the death rate of women in childbirth was declining worldwide, while the rate of child survival was improving ahead of earlier projections.

Mail Order Wombs: Outsourcing Birth to India

So much of America’s economic activity takes place on faraway shores, from call centers in Mumbai to sweatshops in Shanghai. Still, you’d think that making a baby would be one job that’s hard to offshore. But today, for a fee, a woman in another country can serve as a “gestational surrogate,” carrying a fertilized egg to term and then delivering the baby straight to your door, halfway around the world.