Predatory Lending

Report: Future Generations of Black People Will Feel Great Recession Pain

An ACLU study finds that the Great Recession not only negatively impacted black homeowners’ current wealth—but threatens to hurt future generations,’ too.

Melissa Harris-Perry: "Be Very Afraid" of Race Case Before Supreme Court

Housing has always been ground zero in battles to dismantle segregation in the United States.

The Race Case Before the Roberts' Supreme Court

Decision could affect everything from predatory lending to whether children attend segregated schools

How Public Policy Built The Racial Wealth Divide

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes on a foul 1950’s housing market practice that ropped black wealth and helped set the conditions for the current racial wealth gap.

Unregulated Lenders Now Target Pensioners

Predatory “pension advance” companies are hawking high interest loans to aging Americans. People of color are set up to take the worst hit.

AARP: Black and Latino Seniors Losing Homes at Twice the Rate of Peers

An AARP poll shows 16 percent of borrowers over 50 are underwater, and that black and Latino homeowners are the hardest hit.

What's in Your Wallet? Capitol One's Predatory Lending, Apparently

Capitol One Bank has deceptively sold needless add-on products to credit card holders who are unemployed or have poor credit, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

SunTrust Settles Lending Discrimination Suit for $21 Million?

DOJ reaches $21 million settlement to resolve lending discrimination allegations by the nation’s 11th largest bank.

Taxes, Poverty and Predatory Lending--a Knot That's Finally Unraveling

Throughout the so-called boom years, poverty was good business for tax preparers and the banks that financed their deceptive “refund anticipation loans.” That shady market is finally collapsing, but have banking regulators learned anything from it?