Bronx store window with sign about food stamps

Studies Show the Dangers of Proposed Changes to Food Stamps

The Trump administration wants to impose stricter work requirements on recipients while cutting billions from SNAP.

REPORT: Ben Carson's Plan to Raise Rent Hurts Poor Families of Color

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says he wants to raise rents for people living in poverty to push them into jobs. But a new report says his plan would force millions into homelessness.

Police officer in uniform walks down street wtih boarded up house.

READ: How America Criminalizes Impoverished People of Color

The New Republic breaks down how policy and practice punish the least resourced among us.

Two police officers walking towards a public housing apartment complex

STUDY: Women of Color Living in Poverty Face Highest Risk of Eviction

A new report from Eviction Lab explores who is experiencing housing insecurity in the United States.

Report: Child Poverty Rate Holds Steady for Blacks, Down for Everyone Else

The poverty rate for black children is holding steady at 38 percent, while the rate of Asian, Latino and white American children living in an impoverished household dropped to 20 percent.

Columnist Asks, 'Why Is White Poverty Invisible?'

Leonard Pitts, Jr. says, “Our deeply racialized view of poverty bears no resemblance to reality.”

Calif. Leads on Making Crime Victims of Color Visible

Victims in high crime areas don’t receive as much attention as perpetrators

Paul Ryan Knows Your Inner City

He learned about it from old people.

Report Details Squalid Conditions of Richmond, Calif. Public Housing

The city is home to one of the worst apartment buildings in one of the worst public housing agencies in the country.

The PTSD Crisis That's Plaguing America's Poorest Neighborhoods

And the hospitals that aren’t equipped to deal with it.

Childhood Asthma Soars in Poor Communities of Color

A Dateline NBC investigation looks at how some parents are fighting one asthma exacerbator: poor housing.

Homeless Youth in Focus

Newly released studies indicate the number of homeless youth nationwide is rising.

Republican States Cut 'Food Stamps' As Feds Promise Not To

Republican state lawmakers are looking to do the job that their Beltway comrades won’t be able to: Cut foot stamps from every angle.

House Votes to Cut $40 Billion in Funding For Food Stamps

The bill approved yesterday by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives would cut $4 billion annually for 10 years and includes strict new employment standards.

New York City Has Widest Income Gap According to American Community Survey

The newest U.S. Census Bureau data shows poverty rates remain high nationwide, but haven’t increased.

Census Releases New Poverty Stats

Incomes and poverty levels remained steady in 2012, but the number of people with health insurance has increased.

The World Didn't End, So Did All the Attention Help or Hurt The Maya?

The truth is a lot less sensational than you might imagine.

Rapper Jasiri X's New Video Calls Out This Election's Silence on Poverty

Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X new music video for the song “Don’t Forget About The Hood” looks at how issues about the poor and those living in poverty have been “forgotten” this election season.

Near Silence on Poverty in the Presidential Debate

One of the country’s biggest issues went largely ignored in last night’s presidential debate.

Poverty Stuck at Highest Level in Almost Two Decades

According to Census Bureau data released this morning, after three years of climbing, the nation’s overall poverty rate has plateaued at 15.1 percent.