The Real Poison Pill for Obamacare

Congressional Republicans vow to undo it. The Supreme Court may gut it. But biggest threat to the law’s success is more quiet attack that unfolded long before it was even written.

A Concise History of U.S. Divestment in Black Men [VIDEO]

Economic justice columnist Imara Jones and graphic artist Tatiana Lam explain how black men have been excluded from generations worth of economic opportunity initiatives.

Here's the Crushing Poverty That Surrounds Coachella

The valley is one of the highest grossing agricultural regions in the country, but it’s also one of the poorest.

Report: Half of U.S. Families Live on the Edge of 'Economic Chaos'

Economic insecurity has become the norm.

Study: The Majority of Public School Students in the West, South are Low-Income

Nearly half of all public school students in the U.S. qualify for free or reduced lunch.

How Our 'Growth' Obsession Drives Inequity, and May Kill Us All

The problem starts with the very thing we use to measure prosperity: GDP. The seemingly arcane data point is leading us into darkness.

Romney: Israeli 'Culture' Makes It More Wealthy Than Palestine

Palestinians ask the obvious question about the presumptive GOP nominee’s analysis of poverty in the Middle East: “Isn’t this racism?”

Tea Partier Rep. Joe Walsh, (R-Ill) Says Democrats Got Blacks 'Dependent Upon Government'

Illinois Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh has an ongoing list of racist remarks against everyone who isn’t white.

It's Much Harder for Black and Latino Workers to Retire, Study Finds

Elder poverty rates are twice as high among Blacks and Latinos compared to the U.S. population as a whole.

Gingrich Surges With Old, Familiar Ploy: Racist Attacks on Poor People

Newt Gingrich has for decades been the GOP standard bearer in using racial caricatures to demonize poor people. Food stamps were spared for a time, leaving them the last functioning part of the economic safety net. No longer.

A Bronx Tale: How Racism Created Poverty, and Still Perpetuates It

The poverty in which millions of people of color live is not accidental. It’s the result of decades of political choices that first created ghettos and then left them prey to a growing industry that profits from their existence. The Bronx offers a uniquely clear example.

Poverty Soars Among Children in California School Districts

Between 2007 and 2010, poverty in the state ballooned 30 percent.

Poverty Rate Hits New High As Racial Inequality Deepens

Meaningful political discourse has all but vanished. Here’s a look at the new reality for millions of struggling families in America.

31 Million U.S. Kids Live in Poverty Today As Racial Inequality Deepens

More than one in three black kids–a full 36 percent of black youth–live in poverty, along with 31 percent of Latino children.

It's a Wrap -- Congress Lets Our Only Real Jobs Program Die

As Congress takes off for midterm elections, it seals the fate of the one real jobs program we had.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Apart on UN's Development Goals

World leaders gather this week to face global poverty. They can start by facing global inequity.

Recession Pushes Health Care System from Bad to Worse

Maybe with another few hundred thousand newly uninsured people next year, Washington will finally figure out that ignoring the pain won’t make it go away.

The Poverty Nation Washington Built

Record-setting 2009 poverty numbers are the fruits of decades worth of anti-government, pro-corporate politics.

Raising Taxes on Poor Moms while Giving the Rich a Break

While much of the media has focused on the debate over extending Bush-era tax cuts for the rich, some other tax relief for the less-than-wealthy hardly gets a second glance.

Job Creation Under TANF Emergency Fund Threatened in Welfare Budget

A unique welfare program is creating a surprising number of new paychecks, but it may soon fade away without renewed support from Congress.