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Still More Help for Your Halloween-Challenged Friends

“Sexy Asian Girl,” “Poca-hotties,” and other bad ideas found by ColorLines readers.

Seven Racist Costumes to Avoid This Halloween

Yes, retailers are actually selling an “illegal alien” costume. Just don’t do it.

T.I. Talks Suicidal Man Down From Ledge (Take Note, 50 Cent)

A refreshing change from a certain idiot rapper who Tweets to encourage suicides.

100 Young Black Leaders to Watch Out For

The Root releases its list of 100 black game changers.

Is Reality TV a Revolution for Race or the New Minstrel?

It’s opened up more space than ever for people of color on TV–but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

ColorLines Livetweets NBC's Humorless "Outsourced"

What happens when a show is too self-conscious to talk about race?

Rapper Nicki Minaj Talks Sexuality and "No Homo" With Out Mag

One of rap’s hottest newcomers could change hip-hop’s gender game for good.

Univision Beats ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox as the #1 Network

For the first time, the Spanish-language station wins over the industry’s most coveted demographic.

When "Colorblindness" Invades Your TV

Tim Wise breaks down how the myth that we’re post racial plays out in pop culture.

Lady Gaga Brings Gay Soldiers From Fringe to Red Carpet

The singer makes a bold statement in opposition to the military’s ban on gay and lesbian soldiers.

Brooklyn Celebrates MJ's Birthday, and We Dig In the MJ Archive

A party in the park, and a video from ColorLines contributor Tammy Johnson.

John Amaechi: Outing Pro Athletes Won't Win Political Power

For former pro baller John Amaechi, the road to equality is far more difficult.

Desperate Housewives and "Salon Unity"

How do you confront subtle racism in social situations?

How the "Boondocks" Fell Off

When the criticism becomes the problem.

McWhorter: Banning Racist Cartoons Makes Black Folks Look "Weak"

The conservative linguist thinks black television’s made enough progress.

Dev Patel: I Just Get Offered "Goofy Indian Sidekick" Roles

The Slumdog Millionaire star is still struggling to find the right roles.

It's Time for Everybody to Get Out of Queen Latifah's Bedroom

We’re always asking and she’s all but telling, but queer black folks don’t need a reluctant heroine.

Friday Twitter Break: The Week Kanye West Joined Twitter

While Wyclef Jean decided to be president, Naomi Campbell confessed she’s never heard of Liberia and the GOP, well, went on being the GOP.

Facebook Can Predict Your Ethnicity

They’re crunching data to figure out a “Washington” surname probably means you’re black–so they can sell you and your friends stuff based on it.

Lady Gaga Denounces SB 1070 at Phoenix Concert

She won’t join the boycott, but Gaga at least spoke her mind while playing the state.