Signs in support of abortion rights hang on a metal fence

New Poll Shows Most Americans Back Federal Funding of Abortion

Support is highest among women of color and people who live in abortion battleground states.

Young man in black sunglasses and grey t-shirt holding white sign with black lettering

READ: Millenial Conservative of Color Addresses Internal Conflict Caused by Trump's Rise

A new Complex piece explores the dislocation one young Republican of color feels given the nominee’s history of racist rhetoric.

Handcuffs carved out of jade

POLL: Young White Adults Think Black Lives Matter Encourages Violence Against Police

Conversely, the survey also found that the message of the Black Lives Matter movement may be gaining ground outside of the African-American community.

Someone holding up a sign with Donald Trump's face crossed out, sea of people all around

POLL: Latinx Voters Eying Clinton for President

A new survey shows a strong preference for the Democratic party’s nominee—and platform—heading into the general election.

A line of protestors hold up signs calling for immigration reform

POLL: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Driven by Racism, Not Economic Concerns

It also found that where immigrants hail from has a big influence on how White Americans perceive them.

Small Poll of Native Americans Says Washington NFL Team's Name Isn't Offensive, Activists Disagree

Change The Mascot campaign: “Here’s what’s objective fact: Every major tribal organization in America, over 100, have come out and supported changing the name.”

You'll Never Guess What Percentage of Latinos Support Donald Trump

A new survey uncovers some surprising data in the run-up to the 2016 general election.

POLL: Concern About Race Relations Has Doubled Since 2014

Researchers say anxiety about race is the highest it has been since 2001—but it’s still low on America’s list of worries.

New Poll Says Majority of Americans Think Immigration 'Jeopardizes the United States'

The findings diverge sharply from other recent surveys.

POLL: Nation Split on How Universities Should Address Racism

After a season of student protests, Americans split along racial and political lines regarding the best remedy.

POLL: Young People Overwhelmingly Support Expanded Immigrant Rights

A Fusion poll finds that younger someone is, the more likley they are to have progressive views on immigration.

Colorlines.com Survey: A People of Color Majority? Meh, So What?

Despite all the fuss in media and politics about the coming non-white majority, most people don’t care about it one way or the other. However, those who are concerned are far more vocal about their fears.

Colorlines.com Survey: What Explains Racial Disparities?

In a national survey, we asked people why the American Dream turns nightmarish for many people of color. Big majorities blame class. But whites are more likely to point to individual initiative, while blacks in particular see race as a problem.

Obama Slipping Among Latinos

A new poll shows that worry about jobs and immigration reform are hurting the president’s approval ratings.