Police Shootings

Grace Miranda, a young Latinx, holds a sign that reads "Stand Your Ground equals Kill At Will" at a rally in the daytime with four other protestors behind her holding signs.

Florida Police Can Use Stand Your Ground Defense in Deadly Shootings, Court Rules

Critics say the decision will make it more difficult to hold law enforcement officers criminally responsible for on-duty killings.

Holiday Shopping Boycotts Condemn State Violence Against Blacks and Promote Black Economic Power

People are using hashtags such as #NotOneDime and #RedistributeThePain to indict Black Friday consumerism in the wake of ongoing systemic violence against African-Americans.

Philadelphia Govt. Releases New Documents on Brandon Tate-Brown Shooting

Fifty pages of investigation interviews and several surveillance videos were released to the attorney of Tate-Brown’s mother. 

Students Use Hip Hop to Take on Police and Gang Violence

Students in a New York City high school are using hip-hop to speak their truth about police and gang violence

Sheriff's Department Wraps Up Investigation Into Tamir Rice Killing

Investigators from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department turned over their findings in the fatal police shooting of Rice, 12, to the country prosecutor. The report has not been released to the public. 

WI Families Fight to End Police Investigation of Police Custody Deaths

“Please pass this bill,” one mother pleaded.

Andy Lopez Case Still Under Investigation

The Lopez family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff’s deputy accused of killing the 13-year old.

FBI Launches Independent Investigation Into Andy Lopez Shooting

The 13-year-old was shot dead by police last week while walking home from school.

California Teen Shot Dead by Police While Carrying a Toy Gun

Andy Lopez was walking home from school, and wearing a blue hoodie.

NYPD Officers Shot and Killed a Black Man Yesterday in his Own Home

Details about NYPD Officers shooting an African-American male in his home Thursday still remain unclear but neighbors claim that the victim had been innocent of any wrongdoing.

NYPD Officer Tries to Explain Away The 50 Shots That Killed Sean Bell

NYPD Detective Gescard Isnora is facing disciplinary action five years after Bell’s death.