Police accountability

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

The landmark New York City verdict is now in question.

LA County Sheriff Baca Found Personally Liable for Inmate Beating

Baca may have to pay up to $100,000.

Anaheim Police and Protesters Continue to Clash

A fourth day of protests since Anaheim Police officers shot two Latino men to death over the weekend resulted in 20 arrests on Tuesday.

Anaheim Mayor Requests State, Federal Help in Police Shootings

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait has called on state and federal agencies to assist the city with the review of two officer-involved shootings that left two Latino men dead and the incidents that transpired after where officers openly fired rubber bullets in to a crowd that included children.

Presente.org Wants a State Investigation of Anaheim Police

The petition comes just days after Anaheim police officers shot rubber bullets and unleashed a police dog on a group of demonstrators protesting the department’s police brutality record.

Anaheim Residents Continue Protests After Cops Open Fire at Women, Kids [Video]

Demonstrators who were protesting police brutality became victims of police brutality themselves. Victims include women and children.

Few New Mexico Police Agencies Keeping Up With Anti-Bias Policing Law

The review conducted by two groups found that when it came to meeting basic requirements for the law, just two agencies out of the state’s 97 could say they were in compliance

Florida Black Male Tasered by Police for Allegedly Jaywalking [Video]

Florida police allegedly tasered a man three times after he was caught jaywalking.

Police Chief Defends Detaining Teen's Mother After Neighbor's Fatal Shot

After a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in front of his Milwaukee home last month, police forced his grieving mother to sit in a squad car for more than an hour rather than let her hold her dying son or join him at the hospital.

Police Blame Man Whose 911 Call Led Cops to Kill Unarmed Black Teen

The shooting death of a black teen started out with a 911 call from Oscar Carrillo, who told the dispatcher his laptop was stolen at gunpoint by two armed men. But the men who allegedly robbed him never had a gun and now police want to charge him with manslaughter.

New Orleans: All Four Danziger Bridge Cops Sentenced to 40-65 Years

On Wednesday the Justice Department announced five former New Orleans police officers were sentenced to prison terms ranging from six to 65 years for the shootings of unarmed civilians in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

UC Davis Students Peppered Sprayed by Campus Police File Lawsuit in Federal Court

Nineteen current and former UC Davis students filed a federal lawsuit against UC Davis over the University’s treatment of protesters during a Nov. 2011 demonstration in which campus police were caught on video dousing seated protesters with pepper spray.

Oakland Police Shoot Oscar Grant's Cousin

Meanwhile, police decline to file charges in the case of another unrelated shooting of a homeless man. So much for accountability.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Punches Mentally Ill Woman [Video]

A woman, who witnesses say was not being combative, was punched in the face by a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy.

Black Drivers in Milwaukee are Seven Times More Likely to be Stopped by Police

Black Milwaukee drivers are seven times more likely to be stopped by city police as a white driver. Eventhough police found contraband items in searches involving black drivers at the same rate as whites.

SWAT Team Raids Home of Civil Rights Attorney Working on Voting Rights

Attorney Barbara Arnwine says that police officers held her at gunpoint for hours in a case of mistaken identity.

ACLU Requests Public Records From UC Davis and Katehi

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi apologized to students yesterday, just hours before she received a letter from the ACLU requesting public records. A lawsuit may be in the works.

The Police Raid on Occupy Oakland Was Nothing New for This City

This week’s chaos was the latest in at least two years of violent responses to public protest–and a long string of violence against suspects in black neighborhoods.

Video Clears Orlando Man of Charges of Trying to Kill Cops

Orlando police officers get caught in a lie. After they shoot a guy twice.

Chicago Woman Groped By Cop Found Innocent of Eavesdropping

Tiawanda Moore thought she was doing the right thing when she reported a Chicago police officer who allegedly groped her breast during an interview. Little did she know that she’d end up facing 15 years in prison.