What Wisconsin's Outside Probes of Police Can and Can't Do

Wisconsin was the first state in the U.S. to pass a law requiring independent investigations into police shootings of civilians. Has it worked?

Chicago 'Black Sites' Expose More on How the City Tortures Its Residents

Another bombshell revelation about the city’s treatment of poor African-Americans and Latinos.

Mayor Wants 'Outright' Ban on Police Using Mug Shots for Target Practice

After a woman finds shot up mug shots of her brother and other black men at a shooting range.

Los Angeles Police to Get 7,000 Body Cameras

They “are not a panacea,” Mayor Eric Garcetti noted.

Ferguson's Black, Non-Black Arrest Rate Disparity Isn't the Worst in the U.S.

There are Fergusons all over the country.

Eric Holder Doesn't Like the Leaks Coming From Ferguson

He’s “exasperated.”

In Ferguson, a Secretive, Federal Team of Racial Conflict Mediators

They’re called the Community Relations Service.

UCLA Will Investigate Black Judge's Complaint of Excessive Force

His attorney asked: “Do you think this would have happened if he was a white judge?”

In Gentrified Oakland, Private Security Takes Hold

Some of Oakland’s new residents are using crowdfunding campaigns to hire private security patrols–but not all neighbors support the move.

Immigrant Artist Israel Hernandez-Llach Dies After Police Tasering

Miami Beach police are under investigation following the death of an 18-year-old graffiti artist.

Who's Policing Miami Cops After 63 Unsolved Civilian Shootings?

Once again, Miami cops are living up to their brutal reputation.

Miami's Spate of Cop Shootings of Black Men

Seven black men have been killed by Miami cops in the course of eight months.