A Wrenching Night of Global Solidarity as Georgia Kills Troy Davis

As the world watched, hundreds gathered outside the prison where Troy Davis was killed last night. They prayed for a more humane and equitable criminal justice system. Now that Davis is slain, the question is how to make that reform real.

A Family Affair: Who's Left Behind After the FBI's Fake Terror Stings

The FBI is paying thousands of untrained informants to spy on law-abiding Muslim Americans. The program has justified itself with a series of prosecutions that are as questionable as they are high-profile. Here are the families who were left behind.

Cute Kids Alert! Images of Back-to-School Day, 2011

We’re always going on about the big, mean policy debates shaping public eduction. We figured we owed you a reminder of what it’s all about: Adorable kids! Look, smile and send your own.

New Yorkers Show Their Love at This Year's Gay Pride Parade

Late on Friday, the state became the third and most populous state in the country to allow same sex couples to wed. That’s a great way to get the party started.

Javier Sicilia's Poetry in Motion Against the U.S.-Mexico Drug Wars

After losing his son to drug violence, a renowned Mexican artist set out on a cross-country trek to dramatize the death that our failed, militaristic response to narcotics has spawned.

19 Years After L.A.'s Uprising, What's Changed?

Black, brown and Asian communities are still searching for answers two decades after one of the nation’s deadliest urban uprisings.

The Casual Violence That Dehumanizing Language Breeds

José Gutiérrez Guzmån is the most recent person to suffer out-of-scale violence from border agents, but he won’t be the last if we continue robbing migrants of their humanity.

Arizona Students Are Teaching Us How To Fight Back

Don’t go to Arizona looking for beat-down brown people. Young people are full of creative opposition and practical solutions.

What Did Asian American Resistance Look Like in the 1970's?

A new collection of artwork highlights art and political resistance in San Francisco.

U.S. Lags in School Lunch Makeovers, and We've Got Photos

Too bad there’s no late pass for student health.

Scenes from National Wisconsin Solidarity Rallies

From Sacramento to Raleigh, Salem to Atlanta, ordinary workers stand up for their rights.

Black Male Models Only Used as Props

Sure, they’re out there. But maybe not in a good way.

Today's Love Goes to Egypt's People Making History

The world has joined in their moment of celebration.

Protest: "I Am An Egyptian Woman, Rejecting Injustice"

With passion, courage, and the gift of gab, sisters like Asmaa Mahfouz are playing a major role in Egypt’s transformation.

Celebrating Angela Davis' Birthday, And Four Decades of Hard Work

The movement icon celebrates her birthday this week.

Photos of Haiti's Slow March Toward Recovery

One year later, we take a look back at the lessons learned since the country’s catastrophic earthquake.

Fashion Photographer Bruce Weber's Moving Portrait of Little Haiti

Known for imagining all-American brands, Weber turns his lens to those who have been defined out of Americanness. Jorge Rivas takes a look.

Rosa Parks and the Love For Justice

Today’s love is dedicated to freedom fighters, past and present.

Art and Activism Come Together to Make DREAM a Reality

The fight to pass the DREAM Act moves from Congress to the canvas.

Honoring Our Nation's Veterans

We take a moment to look at the sacrifices soldiers face abroad, and at home.