Cam Newton in white jersey with black and blue lettering next to Colin Kaepernick in red jersey with white lettering

What's Up With Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton's Expressions in This Pic?

Social media users and sports commentators alike struggled to understand the now-viral pic, with many speculating that the quarterbacks’ expressions embodied an exchange on their seemingly opposite views on racism in America.

Photo of Black Female Cadets Raising Fists Prompts West Point Investigation

The image may violate a directive that discourages any “partisan political activity” by uniformed service members. 

Federal Lawsuit Alleges Employee Discrimination at B&H Photo & Electronics

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against the New York City-based retailer for discriminating against employees.

Trooper Reprimanded After Taking Photo With Snoop Dogg

Snoop did, in fact, shoot the deputy.

White Phoenix PD Officer Shoots and Kills Unarmed Black Man

Rumain Brisbon was killed by an unnamed officer Tuesday evening.

A New Image of Black Fatherhood [PHOTOS]

Marcus Franklin refocuses the distorting lens of mainstream media with intimate portraits of black dads and their kids.

Black, Queer and in Vogue [PHOTOS]

Mainstream pop culture has spent decades mining the house ballroom scene of black LGBTQ communities for inspiration–without recognition, or pay.

A Day in the Shop [Photos]

Aura Bogado chronicles the work of young men training to become automotive technicians–the kinds of jobs that can lift their families out of poverty.

Eight 'Ethnic' Halloween Costumes That Went Horribly Wrong

Friends don’t let friends look like racist idiots on Halloween.

Very Creative Mom Turns Baby's Nap Time Into Dream Adventure

Most parents cherish the time that their young children spend napping. But Queenie Liao, an artist and mother of three young boys, decided to put herself to work.

Here's Your Reminder Not to Be a Whack Racist This Halloween

It’s just not cute.

'Africa'-Themed Party Features KKK, Elephant and Black Face Costumes

The birthday girl says that she’s always wanted to teach in Africa, so it’s okay.

This Is What Trayvon Solidarity Looks Like

The tradition of visually memorializing black men killed in disturbing violence has taken on particular resonance in Trayvon Martin’s death. Hatty Lee rounds up images of solidarity.