Colorlines Screenshot of CNN video interview with Philando Castile's family, taken on July 8, 2016

Diamond Reynolds: 'I Don't Want to Keep Reliving This Moment'

Philando Castile’s family gave their thoughts today on Dallas shooting, Castile’s body and how they want him remembered.

Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, speaks outside the Governor's Mansion about Philando Castile

Minnesota Governor Calls Killing of Philando Castile 'Racism'

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton actually used the word ‘racism’ while talking to press about the police killing of the 32-year-old Black motorist.

Black man in navy blue polo shirt

READ: Transcript of the Philando Castile Video

For those who are unable to watch the end of yet another Black life.

A Black man with dreadlocks wears a white button down shirt and a tie

Philando Castile is 123rd Black Person Killed by Police This Year

A Minnesota officer shot the 32-year-old man in front of his girlfriend and her daughter.