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Two Black people, one White person, sitting beside each other in office setting.

Poll Confirms Split in Views on Race in America

Take Pew Research Center’s new quiz to find out who shares your views on race and equity.

Latinx Population. Three young adults, two of whom are looking down at a phone.

Which State Is Experiencing the Fastest Latinx Population Growth?

The results of a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau population estimates might surprise you.

Smiling black woman wearing grey sweater holding a small american flag at a naturalization ceremony with two other people standing on both sides of her also holding flags

Americans Favor Racial Diversity, Think It's a Challenge for Policymakers

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that views on the positive effects of racial and ethnic diversity on U.S. culture shift when adults are asked about people of color exceeding White people as the majority of the population.

Sidewalk spraypainted with "White privilege"

POLL: Most White People Don't Think They Enjoy Privilege Over Blacks

Also, water is wet.

Donald Trump

How the World Views Trump's Presidency in One Crazy Chart

The Pew Research Center asked people in 37 countries how confident they are that President Donald Trump will “do the right thing.” Here’s how they responded.

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STUDY: What Did People Google Throughout the Flint Water Crisis?

Searches suggest Flint residents knew something was wrong with their water before government officials or local media did.

A demonstrator wears a Trump campaign-style hat that bears a pro-immigrant message during the Immigrants Make America Great March to protest actions being taken by the Trump administration on February 18, 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

REPORT: Latest Federal Arrest Numbers Show a Focus on Immigration-Related Offenses

Federal law enforcement arrested more people for immigration-related offenses in 2014 than they did for drugs, weapons and property crimes combined.

Man holds sign that reads, "Resist."

Survey Reveals Partisan Divide in Support For Right to Protest and Freedom of the Press

Less than half of Republicans think maintaining the free press is important to democracy.

Closeup of white t-shirt with names of Black people killed by police and vigilantes printed in black

The Gap Between How Black and White Americans View Police, In 3 Charts

A new poll from the Pew Research Center makes it startlingly clear that—when it comes to interactions with law enforcement—there truly are two Americas.

Black man in black and white "Black Lives Matter" shirt, surrounded by other protesters on a New York City street

STUDY: #BlackLivesMatter Hashtag Has Encouraged Racial Discourse

The Pew Research Center report also found that the popular hashtag is used eight times more often than #AllLivesMatter.

Unidos App logo with orange circle and white text, white background

New App Shoots to Mobilize Latino Millenials Ahead of General Election

Unidos offers users voter registration information and a bilingual news feed featuring stories relevant to young Latino voters.

White man dressed in black stands in crowd of protesters holding white and red sign that says, "I am Laquan."

REPORT: You'll Never Guess How Many White People Say They Support #BlackLivesMatter

A new survey reveals that Blacks and Whites have vastly different views on the nation’s progress toward racial equality.

SURVEY: U.S. Afro-Latinos More Likely to Identify as White Than Black

The Pew Research Center survey also revealed that a quarter of Afro-Latinos report their race as “Hispanic.”

Study Unveils Subconscious Racial Bias in Asian, Black, White, Biracial People

Study shows that few people are actually walking around with no racial bias.

Report: Child Poverty Rate Holds Steady for Blacks, Down for Everyone Else

The poverty rate for black children is holding steady at 38 percent, while the rate of Asian, Latino and white American children living in an impoverished household dropped to 20 percent.

ICYMI: Pew Study Suggests Demographics Affect Science Views More Than Political Party

The study counters the popular narrative about bi-partisan polarization on all political issues.