yellow sign of amazon in black text

Activists Demand Amazon Stop Selling White Supremacist Merchandise

The actions come on the heels of a report released this month that says the Seattle-based company’s “inadequate and poorly enforced policies” have made the sale of these items on its website possible.

The White House at sunrise

White House Responds to Petition to Declare Black Lives Matter a Hate Group: Nah

“We shouldn’t get too caught up in this notion that somehow people who are asking for fair treatment are somehow, automatically, anti-police, are trying to only look out for Black lives as opposed to others.”

Fans Are "So Appalled" by Kanye Headlining Glastonbury Festival

Some 60,000 people say no to a Yeezus performing at the massive festival in London because of his rudeness.

Leaders Petition Obama on Racial Biases in Policing

They’re asking for a federal czar to oversee massive changes

Petition Calls Out NYT Art Critic for Racist and Sexist Framing

A petition is demanding the New York Times “acknowledge and address” a Times art critic’s recent reviews that have compared women and black artists to white male artists, “only to find them lacking.”