The White House at sunrise

White House Responds to Petition to Declare Black Lives Matter a Hate Group: Nah

“We shouldn’t get too caught up in this notion that somehow people who are asking for fair treatment are somehow, automatically, anti-police, are trying to only look out for Black lives as opposed to others.”

Animal Rights Activists Want Justice for Gorilla Killed to Save Child


Ramarley Graham's Family, Activists Demand Accountability With #23Days4Ramarley Campaign

The actions, which started with a protest at New York’s City Hall on April 12, are one part of an ongoing campaign to seek justice for Graham’s death at the hands of an NYPD officer. 

Hip-Hop Activists Speak Out on Afrika Bambaataa Allegations Via Petition

“As a community we need to facilitate a process for those who are victims/survivors of abuse to help them heal and be made whole again.”

Petition Filed to Remove State's Attorney from Laquan McDonald Case

State’s attorney Anita Alvarez waited a year to charge a Chicago PD officer with murder for shooting 17-year-old McDonald.

Over 15k Sign Petition to Boycott 'Stonewall' And Its White/Cis-washing of History

The petition to boycott the upcoming film, set during the Stonewall riots, centers on the film’s glossing-over of the contributions of women, trans* folks and people of color to the landmark event. 

Petition for Trans Fire Victim: New York Times's Apology Isn't Enough

In response to criticism from the LGBT community and allies over its coverage of a fire that killed a transgender woman this weekend, the New York Times released a statement that reveals a lack of understanding of how serious this problem is.

Trayvon Martin Petition Surpasses 1 Million Signatures, Supporters Also Sending Skittles to Police Chief

A two-week petition started by Trayvon Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, surpassed the one millionth signature mark Thursday morning.

Trayvon Martin Petition Calls for Federal Help After Fla. State Attorney Decision

According to ColorOfChange, Sanford police have moved Martin’s case over to the State’s Attorneys office who is claiming that there is not enough evidence to support even a manslaughter conviction.

Court Slows Deported Dad's Case as 20K Sign Petition to Reunite With Kids

The petition calls on the Department of Social Services in Allegheny County, NC. to ensure that Felipe Montes, a single-father who was deported to Mexico, not be permanently separated but instead be reunified with his three sons in the United States or Mexico.

Fans of Oldest Black Bookstore Fight Amazon With Google Tool

Worried about last minute holiday shopping? Supporters of Marcus Books have developed a new tool to help folks get off their computers and shop in person.

Nation's Oldest Black-Owned Bookstore Takes on Amazon's Price Check App

The grandaughter of the partners that opened the nation’s oldest independent African-American owned bookstore says a recent promotion took competition a little too far.