People of Color

Black woman with dredlocks in front of a Starbucks.

On Starbucks: Looking Beyond Implicit Bias Training to Systemic Solutions [OP-ED]

Race Forward president Glenn Harris on why Starbucks’ mandatory anti-bias training is a good start, but far from a cure for what ails America.

A young woman in a royal blue hijab smiles while being interviewed at the Women's March on Washington

[VIDEO] How Kids, Women and Men of Color Showed Up for the Women's March on Washington

At the massive, historic gathering in D.C. we found expressions of resistance, determination and even joy. 

Black and white selfie of Black woman with braids and her young son

Killed by Police in 2016

A commemoration of the more than 450 civilians of color who were killed by police in 2016

Two men hold a large, orange "1" and "5."

Washington D.C. Latest City to Implement $15 Minimum Wage

Eighty percent of the workers who will benefit are people of color.

A White hand holds a gavel above hands of other skintones

REPORT: State Court Judges Overwhelmingly White, Male

“The background of judges can influence how they make decisions and impact the public’s acceptance of those decisions.”

REPORT: There Are 6,293 Barriers Standing Between Ex-Offenders and Meaningful Employment

Alliance for a Just Society: “The impact on communities of color is devastating.”

Nicki Minaj, D'Angelo Among Artists Of Color Nominated for AMAs

In an otherwise-predominantly-white list of nominees, a few chart-topping artists of color were recognized during today’s American Music Awards nomination ceremony. 

Project Aims to Put a Face on People of Color Dealing With Mental Illness

Dior Vargas wants to counter the narrative that mental illness is a white thing. 

ICYMI: Alex Rivera Talks People of Color and Sci-Fi Futures

“If the country you live in calls you and your family aliens, you better come with some science fiction.”

Femmes of Color Sound Off

Femmes of color are using a new hashtag to build community and envision new ways to be in the world.