Palestinian Activist Rasmea Odeh Sentenced in Immigration Fraud Case

The Palestinian activist fought a politicized case.

Video: Black Lives Matter Delegation Visits Palestine

And stages a solidarity demonstration in Nazareth.

Palestinian Activist Rasmea Odeh Found Guilty of Immigration Fraud

The case was merely a pretext for political persecution, the activist’s supporters say.

Pittsburgh's Conflict Kitchen Shut Down Over Palestinian Program

A noble cause has devolved into death threats.

Palestinian Vocalist Merna Has New Song Produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad

It’s the first single off of her new album.

Junot Díaz Endorses Call to Boycott Israel

The author formally supports a campaign for the “academic and cultural boycott” of Israel.

Angela Davis Connects Movement to Free Palestine to Black Feminism

She spoke with activist and author Frank Barat.

Dispatch From Chicago: War Abroad Touches Palestinian-American Youth

What does it mean to be young and Palestinian and American in this moment in history?

Robin D.G. Kelley on Palestine: 'A Level of Racist Violence I've Never Seen'

His comments offer some perspective on how even in time so-called “peace,” violence and destruction are commonplace.

Palestinian Artist's Show Opens Without Him in New York

Khaled Jarrar’s ‘No Exit’ deals with the artist’s reality

James Baldwin in black-and-white photo with white shirt and black pants

This Is What James Baldwin Wrote About Israel and Palestine in 1979

“Jews and Palestinians know of broken promises.”

A Look at the U.S. Marches Calling for an End to Violence in Gaza

Thousands of people have taken to the streets to call for an end to the violence that’s claimed more than 600 Palestinian lives.

Jon Stewart Outlines the Trouble With Talking About Gaza in the U.S.

It’s still tough to report on the subject if you seem even remotely sympathetic to Palestinian lives

3 Things to Love About Palestinian-American Football Player Oday Aboushi

He’s more than just a controversy.

LAX Officials Threaten to Deport Palestinian Filmmaker On His Way to Oscars

An Oscar nominated Palestinian filmmaker and his family traveling to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards this Sunday were detained for hours at the Los Angeles International Airport by U.S. Customs officials. Emad Burnat, whose film “5 Broken Cameras” has been nominated for Best Documentary Feature, was held for an hour and a half for questioning on why he was visiting Los Angeles. “Although he produced the Oscar invite nominees receive, that wasn’t good enough & he was threatened with being sent back to Palestine,” said director Michael Moore in a tweet.

Romney: Israeli 'Culture' Makes It More Wealthy Than Palestine

Palestinians ask the obvious question about the presumptive GOP nominee’s analysis of poverty in the Middle East: “Isn’t this racism?”