An old, abandoned state penitentiary cellblock bathed in sunlight.

Q&A: How These Oregon Leaders Are Empowering Black Women in the Criminal Justice System

Colorlines talks to Abbey Stamp and O’Nesha Cochran, two women at the forefront of revolutionary change in their community.

A Latinx boy, Daniel on the left, and his mother, Virginia on the right, stand side-by-side at a rally held outside holding posters. Daniel's sign is white and says "housing is a right." Virginia's is yellow and says, "Queremos Justicia! We want justice."

Oregon Passes the Nation's First Statewide Mandatory Rent Control Law

The law passes on the heels of a new report that calls for sweeping rent control policies around the country.

In the Face of Federal Gridlock, States Are Moving Forward With New Abortion Laws

While the federal government isn’t moving much policy, state legislatures across the country have been busy reducing or increasing abortion access at nearly equal rates.

Armed 'Militia' Members Acquitted Following Oregon Occupation

The verdict comes as peaceful Native American water protectors are evicted from #NoDAPL actions.

Brown sign with white text, with smaller white sign with black text attached, against background of brown and green flora

New Report Details Political Reach, Danger of Oregon's Patriot Movement

The Malheur occupation introduced much of the world to the conservative- and racist-leaning movement that, as a new report from the Rural Organizing Project and Political Research Associates explains, has deep roots in Oregon and major implications for national organizing efforts.

W. Kamau Bell Shows Us How to Fight Hate, One Awkward Conversation at a Time

With a new CNN docu-series, “United Shades of America,” and Showtime stand-up special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” Bell continues to serve up his unique brand of race talk through the lens of never-mean jokes.

Brown sign with white text, with smaller white sign with black text attached, against background of brown and green flora

Burns Paiute Tribe Returns to Malheur Refuge Following Oregon 'Militia' Takeover

Burns Paiute tribal leaders, who previously criticized the mostly-White armed occupiers for never acknowledging the tribe’s historic rights to the land, were finally able to visit the refuge.

Oregon 'Militia' Leaders Arrested, One Killed

But armed members are still occupying federal buildings on the wildlife refuge.

Dispatch from Oregon: Armed White Occupiers Are Enjoying Warm Food, Wi-Fi—and No Violence From Feds

It’s been 19 days since a predominantly White group of men bearing arms group took over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They’re appointing themselves judges, threatening locals and stealing Native artifacts. Inside a netherworld where law enforcement lets right-wing paramilitaries run things. 

Native Tribal Council Says Armed Protesters In Oregon "Just Need To Get The Hell Out Of Here"

Said Burns Paiute Tribal Council Chair Charlotte Rodrique: ”Don’t tell me any of these ranchers came across the Bering Strait.”

You Need to Read Talib Kweli's Response to the Oregon Occupation

The rapper and activist penned a powerful message about the double standards applied to White armed “protesters” and peaceful Black ones.

Armed Men Take Over Federal Building in Oregon

Twitter promptly dubs them #YallQaeda and asks what would happen if the men were Black.