Obama Administration

Unemployment Stats Paint a Dangerously Incomplete Picture

The latest U.S. jobs report puts unemployment at a low 5.9 percent. But this number doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in millions of people’s lives.

Eric Holder to Resign From Attorney General Post

After serving six years as U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder is planning to resign. From NPR:

Federal Judge Says Obama Governs Like Bush on Reproductive Rights

“You’re disadvantaging young people, African-Americans, the poor… that’s the policy of the Obama administration?”

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Tells Colleagues She is Resigning

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is leaving her position in President Barack Obama’s cabinet.

Gay Cuban-American Poet Richard Blanco to Read at Obama's Inauguration

Blanco will become the fifth poet in history to read an official inauguration poem and the first Latino and openly-gay poet to have the honor.

Rosario Dawson Calls DNC Immigration Demonstrators 'Soldiers of the Battle' [Video]

On Tuesday, actress Rosario Dawson, who had been at a nearby forum on immigration, walked over and showed her support for Undocubus demonstrators who traveled from Arizona to Charlotte to urge the Obama administration to stop criminalizing immigrant communities.

Obama Comes Out Against Undocumented Law School Grad's Lawyer Dreams

Sergio Garcia graduated from law school and passed the bar, but he’s undocumented. And he’s not alone.

Record Number of Deportations Continue Despite U.S. Review of Backlog

Fewer than 2% of all pending deportation cases (411,000 of them) have been stopped despite reviews.

Thank Michelle, Sasha and Malia for Helping President Obama's Gay Marriage Shift

President Obama’s family influenced his gay marriage shift, aides say.

Deportation Video Wins White House Contest, But Disappears

The Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders office received over 200 submissions and narrowed it down to 11 videos the public could vote on. But the video with the most votes was ignored in the end.

NDLON on Obama: 'He Can't Offer DREAM Act to Students and Deportations to Parents'

We’ll be bringing you responses from different organizations to President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address throughout the day.

President Obama's Three SOTU in Pictures and Wordclouds

A visual look at how the President (and themes) have changed in the past three years.

Obama Rejects Keystone Oil Sands Pipeline Application

The Obama administration rejected a bid to expand the controversial Keystone oil sands pipeline.

Cecilia Muñoz, Obama's Liaison to Latinos, Gets a Big Promotion

Some civil right groups are praising the move but Muñoz also faces criticism because of the Obama administration’s record number of deportations.