Obama administration

Obama Talks Black History in 1991 National Television Appearance

Watch a then 29-year-old Obama’s first national television appearance.

White House Releases Report Outlining How It's Helped Blacks

The President says the Recovery Act is just one of his administration’s policies that’s benefited 2.2 million black families and nearly half of all black children.

Former Top Obama Advisor Calls Jobless Recovery 'Shameful'

Christina Romer says the administration has all but given up on fixing unemployment.

Blacks, Whites Continue to Differ In Opinions About Race Relations

Apparently, the opinions of Latinos, Asians, and folks of Middle Eastern descent don’t matter.

Fox News Running Out of Reasons to Call Obama Racist

So they’re settling instead for attacking innocuous metaphors.

Merit Pay for Teachers Doesn't Raise Test Scores, Study Finds

The Obama administration’s big ticket education reform ideas may not carry much weight.

U.S. Considers Lifting Cuban Travel Embargo

Here’s a peek at modern life in the country.