North Carolina

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Opponents of North Carolina's Hog Industry Call on EPA to Protect Their Health

Organizers have turned to Congress to crack down on rampant pollution. 

Black protestors march in the streets of Harlem

Charlotte Uprising Protesters Release Demands, CMPD Releases Videos

Charlotte Uprising organizer Marcus Bass: “While the right to own a gun is valued as a cornerstone of American citizenship, the right of Black people to live through a police encounter is not equally valued.”

Protesters holding signs

Charlotte Uprising Update: Protester Died, Suspect Arrested

Also: The family of Keith Lamont Scott has called for the video of his shooting to be released to the public.

Woman with blood on her hand and arm stands in front of police officer in riot gear

Witnesses Say White Cop Killed Keith Lamont Scott, Cop Shot Charlotte Protester

A state of emergency has been declared in the North Carolina city as protesters agitate for justice.

A poster outlines North Carolina voter identification requirements, people stand in line at the polls

Supreme Court Says No to North Carolina's Racist Voting Law

An appeals court ruled last month that the law “target[ed] African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

Chad Cameron Copley in blue shirt against brown background

North Carolina Man Who Reportedly Called Police on 'Hoodlums' Charged With Murder

A 911 call from a house Raleigh police identified as Chad Cameron Copley’s features a male caller saying ”there’s Black males outside my freaking house with firearms” and that he hit someone from with a “warning shot.”

Court: North Carolina Voter ID Laws Targeted Blacks With 'Almost Surgical Precision'

The appeals court decision repeals provisions put in place under the guise of reducing voter fraud.

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Durham City Councilwoman Takes Heat for Anti-State Violence Facebook Post

“The most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers,” Jillian Johnson wrote on her page.

Frank Ocean in black suit with white shirt and black tie

READ: Frank Ocean's Poignant Lament on Pulse Massacre, Homophobic and Transphobic Violence

The reclusive artist referenced Orlando and the North Carolina anti-trans bathroom bill in a new Tumblr post.

"Blackspace" in white text with white airplane, green and red arches, cityscape in the background

Afrofuturist Creator Seeks Support for North Carolina 'Blackspace'

Pierce Freelon describes Blackspace’s mission as “social entrepreneurship with an Afrofuturism twist.” 

Greensboro Police Release Graphic Video of Officer Killing Vietnamese Woman

The video comes from the body camera of former officer Timothy “T.J.” Bloch, who shot and killed Chieu Di Thi Vo in 2014. 

Greensboro Officials to Release Body Cam Footage of Officer-Involved Shooting

Former officer Timothy “T.J.” Bloch killed Chieu Di Thi Vo in 2014. 

North Carolina Governor, Justice Department Suing Each Other Over Anti-Trans Law

The federal government told Pat McCrory to stop enforcing the law. He did not listen.

Judge Upholds North Carolina Voter ID Laws

Critics say the provisions will keep people of color away from the polls.

WATCH: Pakistani Student Asks President Obama How He's Supporting Non-Binary People

Non-binary Muslim student Maria Munir spoke to President Obama at an event in London over the weekend.

Educators and Activists Urge Hillary Clinton to Stop Student Deportations

“Our children should be in school and not in detention centers. We are here to demand that Hillary act on her campaign promises.”

Duke Students Sit-in to Protest Alleged Racism

Protesting students and supporters talked to Colorlines about the multi-day occupation and what it seeks to address. 

Advocates Sue North Carolina Governor, UNC Over Anti-Trans Law

The federal lawsuit—backed by the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups—arrives amid widespread criticism of House Bill 2, which voids anti-discrimination ordinances at city and county levels.

PBS Explains Why It Didn't Acknowledge Trump Supporter's Alleged White Supremacist Tattoos

“Ms. Tilly argues that these tattoos are not representative of neo-Nazi positions, but are connected to her family’s Celtic religious beliefs.”

Trump Supporter Who Punched Black Man at Rally Charged With Assault

Rakeem Jones, after being attacked: ”The police jumped on me like I was the one swinging.”