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Black and white photo of a young Black boy

5 Key Takeaways From That New Report on the Wealth of Black Men

“Black boys fare worse than White boys in 99 percent of America.”

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Ava DuVernay Discusses Her Stepfather's Deep, Unexpected Influence on 'A Wrinkle in Time'

The director shared why she “doesn’t care” what anyone thinks about the new movie. 

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Word to Wakanda: Five Must-Read Articles About 'Black Panther'

Jump into the conversation about the movie’s place in ongoing discussions about race.

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States Fight to Safeguard Open Internet Against FCC Net Neutrality Ruling

State legislators across the country are advancing their own open internet protection measures.

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WATCH: Kneeling Protests and Confederate Monuments Converge for Shreveport Family

In a new mini-documentary, The New York Times profiles a mother who fought to remove a long-standing Confederate monument—and her teenage son who was prevented from kneeling before a high school football game.

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READ: Lena Waithe Discusses Goals, Path to 'The Chi'

The Emmy Award-winning writer and actress talks about her new ensemble drama in a new profile.

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How Alexandra Bell Turns Biased Media Coverage Into Anti-Racist Art

“Art people try to get me to diversify my work and not pigeonhole myself so I won’t be seen as the ‘race girl’ in the art world. But everything is about race. It’s tough not to say it’s about race.”

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Lupita Nyong'o Writes About Her Sexual Harassment at the Hands of Harvey Weinstein

“I wish I had known that there were ears to hear me. That justice could be served.”

Protesters, some hold sign that reads, "We are all dreamers."

READ: DREAMer Calls Out President's Divisive DACA Demands

“We are not more human than other immigrants because we are called ‘dreamers.’”

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READ: 49er Eric Reid Reminds World That Kneeling Protest is About 'Systemic Oppression'

Reid wrote about kneeling with former teammate Colin Kaepernick and smear campaigns against players who protest violence against Black people in an op-ed for The New York Times.

A street is flooded during the passing of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

READ: Why Puerto Rico's Fiscal Crisis and Hurricane Irma Are a Catastrophic Combination

The author believes Irma was the final factor in the “perfect storm” that has been brewing on the bankrupt island.

American flag with "SOS" written on it.

READ: Former DOJ Civil Rights Head Says Trump Administration is Preparing for Voter Purge

Vanita Gupta for The New York Times: “My biggest fear is that the government will issue a report with ‘findings’ of unsupported claims of illegal voting, focused on communities of color.”

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Black Enrollment Falls at Mizzou Following Anti-Racism Protests

The impact of the 2015 campus racism and subsequent inaction of the administration is still being felt at University of Missouri.

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How Four Black Artists Joined Forces to Save Nina Simone's Childhood Home

Rashid Johnson: “My feeling when I learned that this house existed was just an incredible urgency to make sure it didn’t go away.”

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Critics Slam A&E's 'Generation KKK,' NYT Profile for Normalizing White Supremacy

A&E’s upcoming docuseries will focus on active Klansmen and anti-hate activists.

A man carries personal items through a flooded street caused by remnants of Hurricane Matthew on October 11, 2016, in Fair Bluff, North Carolina. The severity of the storm was felt throughout the state with flooding just as bad in Princeville, N.C.

ICYMI: Extreme Weather Is Forcing the First Town Chartered by Enslaved People to Consider Selling Land

Residents rebuilt after Hurricane Floyd in 1999, but Hurricane Matthew has left them unsure if they can do it again. 

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WATCH: Female Journalists of Color's Moving Tribute to Gwen Ifill

“You were a beacon for so many of us, women of color especially, who wanted so badly to see themselves reflected in the media,” said CNN’s Tanzina Vega. 

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LISTEN: Solange Discusses the Microaggressions That Inspired 'A Seat at the Table'

The artist opens up about the time a music critic told her “not to bite the hand that feeds” her and the pervasive resistance to Black artists addressing racism.

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READ: 5 Hollywood Showrunners and Writers Have Frank Discussion About Muslims on TV

Aasif Mandvi, Zarqa Nawaz and others discussed the importance of holistic presentations of Muslims for The New York Times.

Inupiat eskimo children play along the banks of the frozen Arctic Ocean June 7, 2006, in Browerville, Alaska. Scientists now know that climate change will submerge or destroy much of their coastal land, including the village of Shaktoolik.

READ: Alaskan Villages Must Decide to Leave or Stay as Sea Levels Rise

Storms are taking an average of 38,000 square feet a year from the town of Shaktoolik.