New Haven

Pink flowers in front of brown building

Yale Drops Suit Against Black Ex-Employee Who Smashed Slavery-Depicting Stained Glass

Corey Menafee on his decision to break the window: “It’s 2016, I shouldn’t have to come to work and see things like that.”

Uniformed high school students, white sign with multicolored lettering

Connecticut Students Walk Out, Protest Lack of Teacher Diversity

Students at New Haven, Connecticut’s Amistad High School shed light on what they describe as an environment that alienates Black educators and staff at the predominantly Black and Latino school.

REPORT: 'Normal America' Looks More Like a Big Diverse City Than a Small Homogeneous Town

A new FiveThirtyEight article uncovers the fallacies behind the political notion of what “real Americans” look like.

New Haven Police Chief Personally Apologizes to Teen

Teandrea Cornelius, 15, was slammed to the ground by a cop.