New Hampshire

Heroin Epidemic

'Terrible People': Trump Again Calls for Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers

President Donald Trump outlines blueprint to tackle opioid crisis; critics pan his proposal as recycled draconian measures that target communities of color and have failed to reduce drug use.

Black girl in black-and-white jumpsuit holds Black baby boy in blue shirt and grey pants while sitting next to Black boy in grey shirt and navy pants holding black cat with white paws while seated on multicolored couch

Mother of 8-Year-Old Attempted Lynching Survivor: 'This Kind of Stuff Does Happen. Everywhere.'

Cassandra Merlin says local police aren’t treating the case seriously.

Bernie Sanders Wins in New Hampshire, Twitter Goes Off

To hear Twitter tell it, lots of folks #FeelTheBern following the senator’s big win in the New Hampshire primary.

NPR Deems Illinois the 'Perfect State' to Illustrate America's Racial Makeup

The conclusion is one of several made by NPR as part of their ‘Perfect State Index.’