DHS Sued to Stop Deportations

The suit seeks to expand deferred action for more immigrants

Video: Immigration Policy Harms U.S. Citizens, Too

The citizen son of undocumented immigrants explains what’s at stake for mixed-status families.

Undocumented Activists Seek Meeting with Obama

Many remain skeptical that immigration enforcement will change.

Obama Wants Immigration Enforcement to Be Done 'More Humanely'

The president orders a review. Is that enough?

Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform Dead?

Representative Gutierrez says yes.

Four Undocumented Arizonans Arrested for Coming Out at Arpaio's Trial

On Tuesday, four undocumented Arizona residents came out as ‘undocumented and unafraid’ in front of

the Arizona court where Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being tried in a discrimination lawsuit accusing him of racially profiling Latinos.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Day Labor Ban

The courts have delivered a mixed bag for immigrants in recent days. The Supreme Court issued a breakthrough decision for immigrants yesterday, restoring some judicial discretion to the deportation process. But in California, a federal appeals court upheld a local statute last week that essentially criminalizes the day labor market.