Jabari Parker to Become NBA's First African-American Mormon Player

He’s just one of a handful of high-profile black Mormons.

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NBA Players Get a Portlandia-Style Pep Talk

And it fails. Miserably.

Jason Collins Returns to the NBA to Become First Openly Gay Active Player

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NBA Player Learns How to Swim With Kids at Boys and Girls Club

Brandon Bass, 28, is conquering his fear of the water.

Phil Jackson (Yes, That One) Offers Kendrick Lamar Some Advice

Coach knows a thing or two about working with stars at the top of their game.

Two Players of Nigerian Descent Drafted in the NBA's 1st Round

Victor Oladipo and Giannis Adetokunbo were two of the big names at Thursday’s draft.

Jason Collins Talks Race, Coming Out, and Religion With Oprah

He knew the significance of his declaration.

The Messages of Love (and Hate) for Jason Collins

The web reacted immediately–from teammates to politicians–after Jason Collins announced he’s gay in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated.

Wizards' Jason Collins Gets Messages of Support From Big Names

The White House, Kobe Bryant, NBA Commissioner and former president Bill Clinton have all announced their support for Jason Collins.

First Active NBA Player Comes Out As Gay

For the first time ever, an athlete for a major American sports team comes out of the closet.

Was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Criticism of 'Girls' Correct? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers respond to Donald Glover’s role on “Girls,” high youth murder rates in Chicago, and domestic violence charges levied against a former NFL player.

Lakers Sign the NBA's First Salvadoran-Honduran Player Ronnie Aguilar

The 7’1’ center was signed to a training camp contract with his hometown team.

Eduardo Nájera Becomes First Mexican-Born Head Coach Under NBA umbrella

The Texas Legends have named Eduardo Najera the first Mexican-born head coach under the NBA umbrella, pending NBA approval.

The Trouble the With the NBA's Metta World Peace

A new book traces how one of the NBA’s most reviled players is actually a litmus test for its failings on race.

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