Haudenosaunee Passport Rejected for Women’s Lacrosse Team

The Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, first introduced lacrosse to white settlers on Turtle Island hundreds of years ago. 

Michelle Obama to Native Youth: We Have Your Back

The First Lady addresses the first ever White House Tribal Youth Gathering.

Five Racist Ways The New Yorker is Embarrassing Itself

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How White Separatists Disable Native American Facebook Accounts

Facebook’s ‘authentic names’ policy makes sense in theory. Here are all the ways it goes haywire for users with Native names.

#TBT: The One Native Person to Ever Grace Paper Money in the U.S.

Chief Running Antelope appeared on the $5 silver note in 1899.

Native Americans Say Facebook Is Accusing Them of Using Fake Names

Facebook is shutting down Natives’ accounts until they submit ID proving that they’re using their real names.

Sterlin Harjo Explains Why He Makes Films About Poor Indians

‘I’m doing this for something better than just money.’

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'What Was America's First Music?'

Sterlin Harjo’s ‘This May be the Last Time’ searches for the origins of early American songs.

Watch Onondaga Turtle Clan's Alfred Jacques Make Lacrosse Sticks

‘This game was given to our people by the Creator. It’s part of who we are as a people.’

The Iroquois Nationals Team Shines at the World Lacrosse Championship

After a passport debacle kept Native players out of the tournament in 2010, the team is back with fury this year.

Supreme Court Sides With Tribe in Surprising Ruling

In a shocking decision, the high court upholds an important cornerstone of Indian law.

In Sterling's Wake, is Snyder Next?

Senator Reid says, “The only tradition that matters in sports is winning.”

Onondaga Nation Says the U.S. Violates Human Rights

The Onondaga Nation was historically barred from filing a land claim, and then told it was too late when it did. The next stop is an international commission.

Why is Jackson on That $20 Bill?

One writer makes a good case for taking the seventh president off our money.

Supaman Makes Beats in Regalia

Christian Takes Gun Parrish does hip-hop to the beat of his Apsaalooke drum.

The 1491s Parody the Problematic Song 'Cherokee'

You already know this is going to be hilarious.

Michigan GOP Official: 'Herd All the Indians'

Turn Detroit into a reservation, “then throw in the blankets and corn,” says L. Brooks Patterson.

So, This is Not a Powwow

And it will definitely confuse children.

Sonic Drive-in Sorry for 'Scalp the Redskins' Signs

It wasn’t one, but two racist messages.