Native Hawaiians

Mauna Kea protestors. Black and white image of crowd with main shot of man with back to camera.

WATCH: The 50-Year History of Mismanagement at Hawai'i's Mauna Kea

In just six minutes, this film provides context for the recent protests at the sacred site.

An older person in tan jacket, white and red scarf and black pants is being carried by two people in uniforms.

Native Hawaiian Elders Arrested in Telescope Protest at Mauna Kea

“This mountain represents the last thing they want to take that we will not give them.”

The Hawaiian flag

Path Now Clear for Native Hawaiians to Establish Government-to-Government Relationship With U.S.

Annelle Amaral of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs: “What it allows us to do is to finally have control over our sacred sites, over health care for our people, over the education of our children.”

WATCH: Check Out 'Off The Menu,' a New Documentary on Asian-American Cuisine

“Off the Menu” was directed by Grace Lee, the filmmaker behind the acclaimed Grace Lee Boggs documentary. 

Right Now: Native Hawaiians are Voting to Create Independent Government

Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee Rowena Akana: “This election is very important because it’s an opportunity to seek some reparation. This is our chance to make a comeback.”