Native Americans

Small Poll of Native Americans Says Washington NFL Team's Name Isn't Offensive, Activists Disagree

Change The Mascot campaign: “Here’s what’s objective fact: Every major tribal organization in America, over 100, have come out and supported changing the name.”

Trump Criticizes Clinton's 'Off The Reservation' Comment, Employs Another Toxic Native Stereotype

This is just latest incident in an election cycle full of racially charged rhetoric.

Washington NFL Team Asks SCOTUS to Rule on Trademark Case

A federal appeals court is currently considering the legality of the team’s offensive name and related images.

New Book Helps Native American Girls Cope After Sexual Assault

A full 34.1 percent of Native women reports being assaulted at some point in her life.

New Episode of Mic's 'The Movement' Explores Native Community's Fight to Reclaim Health and Tradition

“Food and access to food is definitely used as a weapon to help subjugate.” 

As Pope Visits, Native Americans Oppose Sainthood for Missionary Junípero Serra

Corrina Gould of Indian People Organizing for Change: “Junípero Serra actually created and brought genocide to the California Indian people.”

Facebook Disabled Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford's Account. Again

She had to stop in the middle of a tour to re-submit her South Dakota identification.

How White Separatists Disable Native American Facebook Accounts

Facebook’s ‘authentic names’ policy makes sense in theory. Here are all the ways it goes haywire for users with Native names.

Report: Native American Team Mascots Harm Native American Youth

Mascots directly impact the self-esteem and mental health of Native American youth.

Appeals Board Cancels Washington, DC NFL Team's Trademark

It’s a major setback for team owner Daniel Snyder and company.

Watch 'Proud To Be' Commercial Aired During NBA Final

Calif. tribe bought airtime in seven major cities for, “Proud to Be”

Native American Groups Are Not Impressed by Dan Snyder's Latest Move

NFL owner Dan Snyder has started a new foundation to help the tribes that his team mocks.

Suicide Crisis Continues Among Native Youth on Reservations

Native youth are more than three times more likely to commit suicide than any other group.

Congress Members Keep Pressure on Washington, DC NFL Team

Warning letter mentions the NFL’s $10 billion tax-exempt status.

Five Things to Celebrate About Indian Country

By investing in everything from language revitalization to humor, Native communities are thriving. You just need to know where to look.

NYPD Commissioner Sends Memo: Indians Are Asians, Not American Indians

A recent report showed the NYPD wrongly categorized some crime victims and suspects as American Indians.

Where to Get Your 'Native Americans Discovered Columbus' Tee

Jared Yazzie (Navajo) awesome Native t-shirt designs are taking off.

Here's What an Urban Native Thinks About Your 'Screaming Savage' Cap

Bronx subway rider wears racist baseball cap. Oglala Lakota journalist spots him. Read what happens next.

Ten Members Of Congress Urge Washington Redskins To Change Name

The football team owner says he’ll never change the name.

Unprecedented Number of HIV Cases in Navajo Reservation

The chances for survival after an AIDS diagnosis were lower for Native Americans than any other racial group.