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Aretha Franklin. Cynthia Erivo. One photo of an older Black woman with short hair and jewels. Another photo of a younger Black woman with short natural hair wearing coral colored dress.

Cynthia Erivo Set to Embody the Queen of Soul in ‘Genius: Aretha’

The “Harriet” actress will star as the late vocal powerhouse in the next installment of National Geographic’s “Genius” series.


Black woman in blue and purple dress next to Black woman in blue and grey plaid dress next to Black woman in green dress in front of pink and blue and yellow sky with red and white rocket

Nat Geo Developing 'Hidden Figures' Scripted Series

The series draws from the Oscar-nominated movie about the Black women whose mathematical expertise made some of NASA’s earliest missions possible.  

Brown girl in White dress next to Black girl in white dress in front of grey background and behind white text

Critics Say National Geographic's Attempt to 'Rise Above' Its 'Racist' Past Falls Short

They argue that the magazine’s new special issue on race relies on old habits.