Lawsuit Alleges Paula Deen Wanted Nigg*rs in Bow Ties Serving at Wedding

A lawsuit by a former employee is accusing Deen and her brother of using the N-word, sexual harassment, infliction of emotional distress and assault, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

High School Basketball Team Chants, "1, 2, 3, Nigg*r!" for 5 Yrs.

An all girls high school basketball would say a prayer and then yell a racist chant before heading out to the basketball court.

Film Critic Roger Ebert Gets Schooled Over His "Huck Finn" Read

Film critic Roger Ebert keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

Why Jim Needs to Remain Huck Finn's "Nigger"

A well-meaning effort to make Mark Twain’s novel teachable removes the lesson.

Caller Hangs Up On Dr. Laura's Apology

Talk show host’s apology falls on deaf ears.

Palin Defends Dr. Laura: "Don't Retreat...Reload"

They’re both still confused.

Dr. Laura's Racism Goes Way Past the N-Word

Another conservative gabber gets attention by getting offensive. The real problem’s deeper than the words.