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Apple's iTunes Accused of Raising Price of Whitney Houston Albums by 60% Within Hours of her Death

Sony Music under fire after cost of greatest hits set on iTunes rises by more than 60% after singer’s death.

Of Whitney Houston's 6 Grammys, 4 Were Won in Now-Eliminated Categories

On April 6, 2011, the Recording Academy announced its decision to consolidate Grammy Awards categories from 109 to 78, leaving more artists of color competing for fewer Awards.

Beyoncé Baby Absurdity #3: Touré Says Blue Ivy's Song is 'Hip Hop's Greatest Love Song'

One of the greatest love songs in hip-hop history? We’re taking a poll.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Make Official Birth Announcement

It’s official.

Boys II Men Honored with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The top-selling R&B group of all time gets a special honor.

P.S: BEYONCE IN LABOR!!! Media Takeout is Reporting

“The Most Visited Urban Website in the World” is reporting Beyoncé is in labor.

75 Years of Love to Puerto Rican Maestro Eddie Palmieri

The nine time Grammy Award winning bandleader turns 75 too.

Selena Quintanilla Wins Billboard Award 16 Years After Her Death

Selena, the Mexican-American singer behind “Como la Flor” and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” continues to win awards.

Beyoncé's 'Countdown' Pays Homage to Black Model Donyale Luna

The Detroit native was the first African-American model to appear on the cover of a Vogue in March of 1966.

Sly Stone, the Man Behind Rock's First Integrated Band, is Homeless

Despite his success, a combination of substance abuse, financial mismanagement and a “life of excess” have left Stone homeless.

Why Amazon May Sell Jay-Z, Kanye West's 'The Throne' for 99¢

The artists have chosen to sell their highly anticipated new album only at exclusive, big-name retailers. Indy sellers aren’t pleased.

Latin Jazz Musicians File Class Action Against Grammy Awards

Four Latin jazz musicians are suing organizers of the Grammy Awards for eliminating the genre as an award category.

T-Pain Sues Inventors of Auto-tune

But autotune isn’t quite dead yet. The R&B singer wants to promote his own, autotune-like product.

Smart People Talk Beyonce So I Don't Have To

Some of my favorite feminist thinkers weigh in on the Beyonce backlash, while I dance around artlessly to “Who Run the World (Girls)” in the mirror.

Remembering Gil Scott-Heron: Activist and Musical Legend

DJ Davey D recounts the pioneering artist’s musical, political and cultural legacy.

Grammys Chop Award Categories, Worrying Some Artists of Color

A number of award categories for Latin and other ethnic music are gone.

Remembering Selena's Trailblazing Music

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the singer’s death.

From Bussing to Rodney King, L.A.'s Race Politics Created Fishbone

A new documentary brings the afro-punk band’s politics and personalities to life. Mischa Geracoulis spoke with the filmmakers at South by Southwest.

Grammy Award Recap: Angry Bieber Fans Hack Jazz History

Esperanza Spalding becomes first jazz artist to steal the show, enrages millions of teens.

Five Artists Who Are Keeping the Soul in American Music

Jamilah King celebrates the year’s renaissance of soul music–whatever that is.