Hundreds of Sites Set to Protest Child Migrants, Immigration Reform

Murrieta-style protests go national.

Dispatch from Murrieta, Calif.: Protesting Migrant Children

Murietta, Calif., has made national news because protesters have blocked busloads of undocumented, unaccompanied minors from entering its Border Patrol station. Inside a rapidly changing town on edge.

Los Angeles Mayor Says City Will Step Up for Migrant Children

A different response than what came out of Murrieta, Calif.

Murrieta's Anti-Migrant Protests Cost City $50k in Police Overtime

Stoking anti-migrant sentiment adds up for the California city.

Meet the Immigrants Helping Immigrants in Murrieta

It’s local organizations–and not the federal government–providing food and housing.

Anti-Immigrant Protestors in California Block Federal Buses

One counter-protestor, banda singer Lupillo Rivera, was spit on in Murrieta.