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Chicago Cop Indicted For Killing Jose Nieves

Prosecutors charged Lowell Houser with first-degree murder.

Dylann Roof to Represent Himself for Sentencing

Jurors found Roof guilty of killing nine Black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina. Now he faces sentencing for his crimes.

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BREAKING: Dylann Roof Found Guilty of Charleston Church Massacre

The jurors, who found Roof guilty of all 33 charges against him, will decide on his punishment next month.

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Dylann Roof Allowed to Defend Himself in Federal Trial for Charleston Massacre

Despite reservations, the presiding judge permitted Roof to be his own attorney three days after he was ruled mentally competent to stand trial for the killing of nine Black civilians in 2015.

NYPD Officer Who Killed Delrawn Small Charged With Murder

Wayne Isaacs was off-duty when he shot the unarmed Black man during a road rage encounter.

Khalid Jabara in black tuxedo with white shirt, Stanley Majors in orange jumpsuit

Man Who Killed Khalid Jabara Pleads Not Guilty to Murder and Hate Crime Charges

Authorities say Stanley Majors fatally shot the Lebanese-American Jabara after five years of racist harassment.

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Suspect Charged With Murder of Imam, Friend in New York City

While Oscar Morel currently faces no hate crime charges, investigators say they have not ruled out prejudiced motives.

Chad Cameron Copley in blue shirt against brown background

North Carolina Man Who Reportedly Called Police on 'Hoodlums' Charged With Murder

A 911 call from a house Raleigh police identified as Chad Cameron Copley’s features a male caller saying ”there’s Black males outside my freaking house with firearms” and that he hit someone from with a “warning shot.”

Caesar Goodson Jr. in navy trenchcoat, walking to courthouse.

Baltimore Cop Who Drove Freddie Gray's Transport Van Acquitted of All Charges

Caesar Goodson Jr. faced the most severe charges—including murder—of all the officers indicted for Freddie Gray’s death.

WATCH: California Prison Takes on Desegregation in This Doc

You can stream “In An Ideal World” in full for the next 30 days. 

Charleston Shooter's Trial Delayed Until Next Year

Dylann Roof faces the death penalty for killing nine Black worshippers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Chuch in Charleston, South Carolina, last year.  

Loretta Lynch to Decide if Charleston Shooter Should Face Death Penalty

Dylann Roof faces 33 federal hate crime and firearms charges.

Jury Selection Begins Today for Man Who Killed Islan Nettles

James Dixon told detectives in 2013 that he doesn’t “go around gay bashing people.” He pleaded not guilty to first- and second-degree manslaughter charges and a first-degree assault charge in the death of the trans woman.

Is Sam Cooke's Family on Board for His Upcoming Biopic?

One of the late soul singer’s nephews says he’s involved with “Sam Cooke: The Truth.” But Cooke’s brother—and the company that owns most of his music—says otherwise. 

Vincent Chin's Niece Says Uncle 'Has Far More in Common With Akai Gurley Than Peter Liang'

Annie Tan responds to claims connecting her uncle’s tragedy to the conviction of fomer NYPD Officer Peter Liang.

#DoIMatterNow Campaign Promotes Indigenous-Muslim Solidarity in Canada

The campaign was launched to promote solidarity between indigenous and Muslim women in Canada—two groups at the brunt end of just-defeated Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s most controversial policies—in response to the PM’s rhetoric and policies against wearing veils.

Kiesha Jenkins The Latest Trans Woman Of Color Killed In 2015


Man in gray buttonup shirt stands in front of black and white BET step and repeat.

Actor Jesse Williams Breaks Down Sandra Bland and Racist Hypocrisy in 24 Tweets

The actor and activist is no stranger to weighing in on racism, but these 24 tweets might be some of his best statements yet. 

President Obama On Charleston Shooting: 'I've Had To Make Statements Like This Too Many Times'

President Obama delivers statement on mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina church.

Suspect in Custody, DOJ Investigating Charleston Shooting As A Hate Crime

The Department of Justice has opened a hate crime investigation into the shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina, church that left nine people dead.