Angela Davis in blue patterned shirt against blue background

Authorized Angela Davis Biopic in The Works

Davis will team up with “Fruitvale Station” and “Dope” producer Nina Yang Bongiovi to bring the still-untitled project—based on her autobiography—to the big screen.

"10 Facts about Black Panther" in black text over red-and-white "Marvel" logo

Watch Marvel's New Video to Learn '10 Facts About Black Panther'

Marvel released the video for those who need a primer before jumping into Ta-Nehisi Coates’ comic series and Ryan Coogler’s upcoming movie adaptation.

Lifetime Fast-Tracked a Movie About the Flint Water Crisis

The film will explore what the Flint Water Advisory Task Force called “a story of government failure, intransigence, unpreparedness, delay, inaction and environmental injustice.”

Twitter is Not Feeling Whitewashed ‘Gods of Egypt’

Another day, another Hollywood erasure. For this go-‘round, Ancient Egyptians are looking mighty White. 

David Oyelowo Will Play a Villain in Upcoming Thriller

The star who played Dr. King in “Selma” is going to be a really bad guy.

The $65 Million O.J. Simpson Movie Will Hit Theaters Next Summer

The film’s British director claims to have new evidence in the case.

Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama Talk About Activism Over Decades

A new documentary lets us be a fly on the wall for their 1996 discussion.