A Black man with long locs poses with his mother and father, who also have locs

'They Can Only Stretch the Bond. They Can't Break It.'

Michael Africa Jr. was born behind bars in 1978, right before his political prisoner parents were sentenced to 30 to 100 years. In 2018, for the first time in his life, Africa saw his mom and dad free and in the same space. Here’s a family story, 40 years in the making.

A Black woman wearing all white holds a green sign that says "No Goode Way" and a red, black and green flag.

[WATCH] Activists Take Back The Street Named After The Black Mayor Who Bombed MOVE

Philadelphia recently named a street after the city’s first Black mayor, W. Wilson Goode Sr. Activists say that the renaming hurts given that Goode facilitated the fatal 1985 bombing of the home where the Black liberation and environmentalist group MOVE lived. Colorlines captured an October protest imbued with spirituality. 

Today Marks 31 Years Since Philadelphia Police Bombed Its Own Residents

The Black liberation-communalist MOVE group had two major faceoffs with the city of Philadelphia. The second time had shocking, deadly results. 

San Francisco's Coltrane Church Threatened With Eviction

The Church is one of the few remaining Black-run organizations in what used to be known as San Francisco’s “Harlem of the West.”

That Time Philly Cops Bombed a City Block to Destroy a Black Liberation Group

On May 13, 1985, police bombed an entire city block in its attack on MOVE, killing 11 people.

New Film Revisits the Tragic 1985 Bombing of MOVE

The documentary “Let the Fire Burn” explores the lead-up, execution and aftermath of the brutal bombing that killed 11 people and left 250 people homeless.