Maya Rudolph Opens Up About Being a Working Mom

And she sounds like an awesome one.

8 Activists Share Political Wisdom They Got From Their Moms

“Don’t tear up your own neighborhood out of anger,” “Don’t fear a strike,” and other jewels.

A New View of Drug-Addicted Moms

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Mom Locked Up For Cheering Too Loudly at High School Graduation

A South Carolina mom was arrested on Saturday for cheering at her daughter’s high school graduation for yelling “yay, my baby made it” too loud.

NYT Report: Prosecuting Moms for Drug Use Is Personhood in Disguise

Legislators can easily conjure up stories, with accompanying stereotypes, about crack-addicted babies and their mothers, but what’s really behind the antagonism toward moms?

The Movement to Stop Prisons From Shackling Women in Labor Builds

Four more states passed laws banning the practice this legislative year, but the vast majority of state prisons still maintain the absurd idea that a woman in childbirth is a security risk.

California Puts Into Motion Alternative Custody for Incarcerated Moms

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Jezebels, Welfare Queens--And Now, Criminally Bad Black Moms

Raquel Nelson’s shocking prosecution reveal a new caricature in the centuries-long demonization of black women. “The thread that joins them is the idea of total sexual immorality and irresponsible reproductive responsibility,” says scholar Dorothy Roberts.

Raquel Nelson's Absurd Prosecution Was Common For Black Women

“Black women are seen as harmful to their children and to society rather than as caregivers and as nurturers, except insofar as they do it as paid work, as nannies,” says UCLA scholar Sarah Haley.