Black men in blue uniforms with white lettering take knees and lock arms in front of other men in blue uniforms and stadium with people in multicolored clothing

Professional Athletes Push Back Against Trump's Anti-Protest Comments

The president thinks athletes who protest police violence are “disrespectful.” Teams across the country responded to his rhetoric over the weekend, but some wonder if they went far enough.

Singer Says 'All Lives Matter' During MLB All-Star Game Pre-Show

The Tenors says member Remigio Pereira changed the lyrics to “O Canada” to “serve his own political views.”

Watch St. Louis Cardinal Fans Chant 'Let's Go Darren!'

Yeah, it’s ugly.

Cleveland Baseball Team Replaces Chief Wahoo Logo

The caricature of the Native-American “chief” isn’t going away completely though.

The Story of the Black Pitcher Who Threw a No-Hitter While on LSD

What makes his story even more interesting isn’t just that it happened, but that it’s been illustrated and put on YouTube.